Company Coordinator Role:

  • Serve as a liaison with Junior Achievement staff and bowling participants

  • Promote the event within the company

  • Recruit Team Captains and encourage senior staff to be actively involved

  • Motivate employees to reach a goal of at least $150 a bowler or $750 a team, or aim higher!

  • Maintain communication and follow up with participants on a regular basis

  • Encourage teams to register their team through the Qgiv website

  • Work with Upper Management to find ways to demonstrate their support for the JA Bowling Classic:

    • Have them send an email or memo to staff members

    • See if there are prizes that can be awarded to top fundraisers or teams; such as sports or theater tickets, a day off, a better parking place or a fun-day package

  • Collect registration fees and donations from Team Captains for submission to JA

Important : As Company Coordinator, you set the tone for the event.  Your BIG ideas can inspire BIG successes!

Success Strategies

  • Co-Coordinator: Share the workload and have others that can help you formulate strategies that will work in your organization.

  • Be enthusiastic: Your personal enthusiasm will rub off on your captains

  • Be a fun leader: This really is a fun day.  Be seen and heard within your company

  • Be tenacious: Send memos, e-mails, leave messages, post bulletin board reminders, and check in with those Team Captains regularly!

  • Use JA: we are here to help you to help us!  So just ask.